Adults Courses

Adult courses

The Alliance Française de Bulawayo and its Victoria Falls annex offer different options for learning French language for 2 hours during weekdays and for an intensive 4 hours on Saturdays.

Learning emphasizes on interaction so that the learner is able to communicate orally. The ability to interact orally and writing is promoted. The method is communicative and interactive.

The learning is done in the strictest respect of the six levels of competence of  the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment (CEFR). This framework allows learners to take the DELF and DALF exams corresponding to their level as well as to the learning time:

General French classes

 Level Duration
 DELF A1 90 hours minimum
 DELF A2 + 120 hours = 210 hours
 DELF B1 + 150 hours = 360 hours
 DELF B2 + 210 hours = 570 hours
 DALF C1 + 240 hours = 810 hours

A learning session lasts 30 hours.
From Beginner to B2 level takes +/- 2 years.

DELF B2 is required to study in France
DELF B2 is required to teach French at alliance française in Bulawayo and its annex in Victoria Falls