Global Alliance Française Brand

Our Background

In 1883 eminent figures of the Art, sciences, and politics, such as Jules Verne and Louis Pasteur, along with other illustrious visionaries, designed the structure for the Alliance Française to ensure the presence of French language and culture around the world. Nowadays, the Alliance Française network still promotes French language but also francophone as well as local cultures in a permanent and enriching dialogue.

Alliance Française in Southern Africa

The Alliance Française in Southern Africa comprises of French language training centres in Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.These centres teach French to over 5,000 students a year, with more than 100 teachers. The Alliance Française also offers a variety of workshops that make the learning experience more fun and these include learning French through music, theatre, travel, food as well as special programme for youngsters from 5 to 14 years-old.

With over 400 projects a year, the Alliance Française provides a wide-range cultural program which  presents a unique mix of music, theatre, visual arts and dance, with the support of the French Embassies, the Institut Français d’Afrique du Sud (IFAS) as well as partnership with local companies and cultural bodies.

Fondation Alliance Française and  Institut Français

The Fondation Alliance Française and the Institut Français both based in Paris are in charge of leading the network of the Alliance Française branches, through offering training and exchange programs, sharing of various skills, organizing and coordinating projects related to cultural exchangeand communication.